Satellite operator Ovzon moves Ovzon-3 launch to Arianespace Ariane 5 from SpaceX Falcon Heavy, says still gets 20-yr service life

by Peter B. de Selding

UPDATE Sept. 16: Ovzon said it had booked contracts valued at $13.7 million from the U.S. Defense Department through its partner, Intelsat General Corp. The contracts are for six months of service, using satellite capacity leased from Intelsat. Ovzon said the likely extensions will cover the period when the Ovzon-3 satellite, the company's first spacecraft, is scheduled for launch.

UPDATE Aug. 27: Launch-service provider Arianespace confirmed the 2021 launch of the Ovzon-3 satellite in 2021 into geostationary-transfer orbit aboard an Ariane 5 heavy-lift rocket . . .

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