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ArianeGroup: We wouldn’t adopt a reusable rocket model now even with SpaceX’s technology

PARIS — The new president of rocket prime contractor ArianeGroup said that even if the company had all the technologies needed to reuse part of the Ariane 6 rocket, it would not adopt it because of the constraints inherent in the reusability business model....

French parliamentary committee: Space situational awareness should be top French space-defense priority

PARIS — The French parliament’s Defense Committee has called for investment in space situational awareness (SSA) as France’s number-one military space priority, concluding that space defense begins with knowing what potential adversaries are doing.  The committee...

Love at 1st LEO: For Global Eagle, GEO will be an also-ran in future in-flight-connectivity market

PARIS — Satellite aeronautical, maritime and land-based connectivity provider Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) gave a full-on endorsement of using LEO-orbit satellites for in-flight connectivity. In what may be the first experience-based assessments by a neutral...

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