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Arianespace sees a shadow of a hope for ESA procurement reform, questions rocket-reuse value in Europe

SEATTLE, Washington — Arianespace’s chief executive said the European Space Agency (ESA) would re-examine its geographic-return policy as it applies to development of new-generation rockets when ESA governments meet in November to produce a policy roadmap. Referring...

Eutelsat says video revenue will be stable this year; ramp of broadband in Africa slow but promising

SEATTLE, Washington — Satellite fleet operator Eutelsat told investors to look past a 2.5% decline in the company’s all-important video revenue for the six months ending Dec. 31 to focus on a promised flat-to-growing revenue trend for the full year. Eutelsat said the...

OneWeb’s losing its believer-in-chief at Airbus; successor’s view TBD; Viasat says GEO looks ever better

PARIS — Outgoing Airbus CEO Tom Enders defended his decision to make a major commitment to the New Space business by investing in the OneWeb broadband satellite constellation, and sought to persuade his successor that the investment remains valid. “Let me mention our...

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