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ESA’s launch director: The commercial market presents the biggest challenge to Europe’s launch-service model since 2002

PARIS — Daniel Neuenschwander, director of space transportation at the 22-nation European Space Agency (ESA), is not one for dramatic declarations. So when he says that the 40-year model Europe has used to develop rockets is facing its greatest crises since a 2002...

Canada’s UrtheCast secures high-cost loan for revenue-generating acquisition, but cash challenges remain

PARIS — Canadian satellite geospatial imagery and services provider UrtheCast Corp. said it had secured a one-year, $12 million term loan to finance debt payments and a downpayment on the purchase of GeoSys Technology Holding from Land O’Lakes. The loan, from Bolzano...

PocketQube pioneer Alba Orbital, in breakthrough export order, sells 2 satellites to U.S.-based Stara Space

PARIS — Alba Orbital of Scotland, in its first export, has sold two 750-gram PocketQube satellites to startup Stara Space of the United States, which is designing a communications constellation for secure data transfers with inter-satellite links. The launch, on a...

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