A satellite manufacturing plant in downtown Tokyo: Axelspace says it has all the financing it needs for now and ultimately plans a 50-satellite constellation. This image of Mt. Fuji was taken by one of the company’s two commercial satellites. Credit: Axelspace

TOKYO — Japanese geospatial imaging provider Axelspace, which plans a constellation of 50 100-kilogram medium-resolution optical imaging satellites, says access to capital beyond its successful $17-million first round of funding is not a problem.

Yasunori Yamazaki, Axelspace’s business development manager, said the company — whose downtown Tokyo offices include a full satellite production facility — has been successful in part because it is already generating revenue from two prototype satellites in orbit.

“We are well-funded, luckily,” Yamasaki said. “We have more [financing] in the pipeline,” Yamasaki said of a future funding round.

Axelspace’s 50-satellite satellite constellation is intended to operate in a 600-kilometer orbit with a 2.5-meter ground sampling distance and a 60-kilometer swath width.

Headcount totals around 40 people.

The company has four more satellites under construction — three for its own use, and the fourth for Japan’s Jaxa space agency.

“We’re going to be flying the entire constellation of 50 satellites in the same orbital plane,” Yamasaki said. “This is important so that the data will be consistent, roughly 8 petabytes per year.”