NSLComm details defective ‘jack in the box’ deployment of Ka-band antenna, plans 2nd launch mid-2020

by Peter B. de Selding

UPDATE Jan. 28, 2020: AAC Clyde space signs contract valued at 15 million Swedish krona ($1.56 million) to build, launch, operate the 6U NSLSat-2, to launch in Q3 2021. NSLSat-2 is expected to be the nominal design for a future constellation, for which AAC Clyde has been named "preferred bidder."

LUXEMBOURG — The 60-cm Ka-band antenna on NSLComm’s first satellite is facing the wrong direction because one of its struts snagged during deployment, making it impossible to demonstrate the 1.5-Gbps throughput from a 6U cubesat that . . .

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