A gigabit per second in a 6u package: That’s teh goal of NSLComm, whose first satellite is under construction by AAC Microtec Clyde Space. Credit: NSLComm

WASHINGTON — Israeli broadband-cubesat constellation startup NSLComm has closed a $6.25-million Series B round financing, enabling the company to contract two more satellites — likely from AAC Microtec Clyde Space.

NSLComm’s system is centered on a deployable Ka-band antenna designed to offer throughput of 1Gbps from a 6u-sized cubesat. The first, NSLSat 1, is scheduled for launch late this year.

The latest funding round was provided by a broad group of investors, including Cockpit Innovation, part of Israel’s El Al Group. El Al has announced a partnership with Boeing and Lufthansa to fund innovative aerospace startups. The NSLComm investment is the first made as part of this arrangement.

Other investors include Jerusalem Venture Partners, Liberty, OurCrowd and Hawk GF. NSLComm has now raised some $9.3 million in two funding rounds.

“In addition to its first satellite launch scheduled for November 2018, this funding round will enable NSLComm to develop and build two satellites for future launches,” NSLComm said in a statement.

NSLComm Co-Founder and Chief Executive Raz Itzhaki said:

“The satellite market needs cost-effective technology for high-speed communications over small satellites. Our innovative antenna system provides a unique way to deliver a wide variety of applications for all sectors needing global broadband coverage.”

Among the features of the satellite design, in addition to its high throughput, is in-orbit footprint management. AAC Microtec Clyde Space, whose Glasgow, Scotland, facility is handling the manufacture has described the antenna this way:

“The antenna deploys once in space and has in-built smart technology which not only increases performance but also allows it to compensate for any imperfections, electromechanically adjusting itself when encountering insufficiencies and change the ground patterns accordingly.”